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Type Description
bool Boolean (true or false).
integer 64-bit signed integer.
float 64-bit floating-point number.
string 8-bit ansi string (codepage depends on the user settings in windows).
function Any callable object such as a function or a lambda.
enumeration String from a predefined set (e.g. "enumerator1"|"enumerator2" can be either "enumerator1" or "enumerator2").
matrix NxM matrix or 1xM vector with integer or float values (e.g. mat4x4f means a 4x4 matrix of floats, and vec3i means a 1x3 vector of integers).
structure Map with predefined string keys (e.g. {"field1": integer, "field2": vec3f}).
optional Nullable (e.g. bool? can be either a bool or null).
vector List/array (e.g. [float] means a vector with float elements). For linear algebra vectors, see 'matrix' above.
map Dictionary/table (e.g. {integer: string} means a map with integer keys and string values).